2019-11-28 14:40:06 ECRO商城


我們正處于ECRO商城開發的第一步, 它是ECRO生態系統中技術最先進的服務之一,并使您可以使用區塊鏈技術和人工智能進行各種商品和服務的買賣。



我們正在致力于網站導航系統的便利性和功能以及對要購買的商品進行過濾。 查找您想要的東西將快速,輕松地進行,并且要約列表將包含您所尋找的內容。 您只需要做出選擇即可!


在電子平臺上進行交易的做法表明,成功訂單的百分比和客戶滿意度的程度在不斷提高,用戶可以直接相互交流,能夠獲得有關其問題的詳細答案,并加深對賣方的個人印象。 我們驗證供應商,以確保為我們的用戶提供產品質量。 而且,您可以輕松,快速地為自己確定最佳報價。


?將通過特殊提醒消息將平臺上每個已完成的購買或銷售都會向用戶通知。 整個交易歷史記錄將被存檔,以便您可以隨時恢復其參數(時間,金額,發送者和接收者)。


ECRO繼續與運輸服務集成。 商城將能夠出售各種各樣的全部物品, 而買家可以在澳大利亞,阿根廷或任何其他國家獲得所購買的商品。 您可以為每個訂單選擇專業的物流服務,以便快速,廉價且安全地到達目的地。


您所選擇的產品都會落入購物車。 繼續購物或查看新產品應該很方便,您可以輕松取消不必要的訂單或添加新訂單。 而且,當您在購物車中付款時,應該正是您所選擇的。 購物車的功能將考慮所有獎勵或促銷優惠以及您的現金返還。

這周報告僅此而已! 我們將繼續為您設計和推出最佳的商城,讓您體驗使用區塊鏈進行交易的所有優勢!



Dear users of the ECRO multifunctional blockchain marketplace!?

We are at the very first steps in the development of ECRO - one of the most technologically advanced services of ECRO System, which allows you to make sales and purchases of a variety of goods and services using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.?

All ECRO components are launched sequentially before your very eyes, so we present you with an information digest every week to show you every update.

Purchase and sales page

We are working on the convenience and functionality of the navigation system on the site and the filtration of positions to buy. Searching for what you want will be easy and fast, and the list of offers will include exactly what you are looking for. All you have to do is make a choice!?

Message page

Electronic trading has shown that the percentage of successful orders and customer satisfaction is growing where users can communicate directly with each other, having the opportunity to get detailed answers to their questions, as well as to create a personal impression of the seller. We verify vendors to ensure product quality for our users. And you can easily and quickly determine the best offer for yourself.

Transaction reports

Users will be informed about each purchase or sale made on the platform by special messages. The entire transaction history will be archived so that you can restore their parameters (time, amount, sender and recipient) at any time.?

Delivery services

ECRO continues to integrate with delivery services. The marketplace will be able to offer you everything from needle to car. You will be able to find a dedicated logistics service for each of your orders, even if you are in Australia or Argentina, or any other country. And your order will arrive at your destination quickly, cheaply and safely.


The basket includes all the positions that you have marked. It should be convenient for you to continue shopping or viewing new items, you can easily cancel unnecessary or add new orders. And when paying, the basket should have exactly what you have chosen. The functionality of the basket will take into account all bonus or promotional offers, as well as your cacheback.?

That's all! We continue to design and run the best token mall for you so that you can experience all the benefits of trading and shopping with blockchain!?

See you in the next digest!?


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